Laura B. McGrath

My primary research interests include literary modernism, contemporary fiction, and digital humanities. Additional interests include film and media theory, book history, and new media. My dissertation, Modernish: Modernism and Literary Distinction in the 21st Century, uses traditional, ethnographic, and digital methods to explore modernism’s symbolic capital in the field of contemporary publishing. I have been the recipient of the Provost’s Pre-Professional Fellowship, and the COGS Disciplinary Leadership Award. My written work has appeared in Symbolism and Books and Culture.

In 2014-2015, I was the Project Manager and Graduate Lead of the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition lab (DHLC), where I co-wrote and won an ACLS Digital Innovations Fellowship with Professor Natalie Phillips.

In 2016-17, I will be a Mellon Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Digital Liberal Arts at Hope College in Holland, MI, where I will work with the Mellon Scholars Program.